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A ‘Laos’y bus ride

The Mystery Machine

We are journeying from the tourist haven of Luang Prabang, Laos, full of western comforts to the less traveled Phonsavan, which we collectively find roughly equivalent to a dusty Texas thoroughfare minus the tumbleweeds. Here is base-camp for the ‘Plain of Jars’, much like Stonehenge, a site shrouded in mystery. The much bigger adventure, however, turns out to be the journey to Phonsavan–as if Michele, Caleb, Sabrina and I are part of the ‘Scooby Squad’ and our bus the ‘Mystery Machine.’ (more…)

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We have much catching up to do! Check out our freshly updated travel map, and read on to hear about the adventures we’ve been having.

We cross the border into Laos on a longboat. As we wait for visas, an immediate paradox for communism in today’s world: lowest fees are charged for entry of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cubans, but all must pay in USD.

Leaving Thailand, standing on the launch pad for Laos.

The Lao border town of Huay Xai is quiet and comfortable. We relax on the guesthouse roof watching candle-driven paper lanterns drift into the heavens from a nearby hilltop wat (temple). Music and a DJ’s voice blare. There is some kind of Sunday night party going on. We are welcome, the guesthouse proprietor tells us. Just climb the steps up the hill; the full moon party is happening to raise funds for the monastery. (more…)

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